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Kenton Instrument patented product: The utility model relates to an artificial climate chamber

The utility model relates to an artificial climate chamber, it comprises a cabinet, a lighting device, a controller, a front door and side doors; The lighting device comprises a plurality of lamp tubes, which are arranged on the inner walls of the front door and the side doors. The lighting device also comprises a reflector, which is arranged on the back, top and bottom inner walls of the cabinet. The lamp tubes are upright on the inner walls. The doors are provided with a double-layer glass for isolating the lamp tube. The double glass is provided with a vacuum layer. The front door is provided with a door handle for opening the door; The controller is set on the right side of the door handle and the distance from the door handle is less than 20cm. The controller is integrated with the door handle. The climate chamber also comprises a LCD screen.
Technical field
The utility model relates to the technical field of laboratory equipment, in particular to an artificial climate chamber.
Background technology
The climate chamber is a kind of high-precision cold and hot constant temperature equipment with the function of illumination and humidification, which provides an ideal artificial climate experimental environment for users. It can be used for plant germination, tissue and microorganism cultivation; the breeding of insects and small animals, the determination of BOD in water analysis and climate test for other purposes are ideal test equipment for the production and scientific research departments of biological genetic engineering, agriculture, forestry, environmental science, etc., but there are still some shortcomings in the current climate chamber.
At present, the shelves are stacked in the chamber. Although it is convenient to take out, most of the lamps inside climate chamber are installed and fixed on the top of the inner wall, so that the plants in different layers receive uneven light, and the light intensity is relatively fixed.

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