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Kenton Instrument patented product:CO2 incubator

CO2 incubator is characterized in that the incubator comprises the cabinet and inner chamber; heating wires are distributed on the four walls of the inner chamber, and the heating wires can preheat the inner walls; The bottom of the chamber is provided with a water pan for holding water. The water pan is integrally formed with the chamber. The co2 incubator comprises several shelves for carrying objects, and the shelves are provided holes which are convenient for ventilation; The interior is provided with guide rails for placing the shelf.
The incubator also includes an air inlet valve, which has a built-in filtering device. The utility model is provided with an ultraviolet sterilization lamp, and the ultraviolet sterilization lamp is arranged inside. The fan is fixed on the upper inner wall. The glass door is installed between the outer door and the cabinet; and provided with a test hole.
One side of the outer door is provided with a water retaining strip for water retaining, and the side is also provided with a water outlet and an overflow port.
The CO2 incubator also comprises a controller, a co2 sensor and a display screen; The display can be connected to multiple devices at the same time.
background technology
CO2 incubator is used to simulate the formation of a cell / tissue growth environment in the incubator for cell culture in vitro. Stable temperature (37 ℃), stable CO2 level (5%), constant pH value (7.2-7.4) and high relative saturation humidity (95%) are required in the incubator. The result of the cultivation in the incubator directly affects the success or failure of the follow-up experiment. The volume of the existing incubator is constant, but due to the different needs of cultivation, the number of each cultivation will be changed according to the actual situation, so there will be the problem that most of the space in the incubator is not used and the space in the incubator is not used enough, which affects the practicability of the incubator.


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