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Kenton Instrument patented product:constant temperature humidity chamber

Temperature and humidity chamber is characterized in that it comprises a cabinet, a water tank, a water level regulating device and an atomizing device; The atomizing device comprises a water tank and a heating pipe; The end of the flume is open, and it is a long horizontal strip. The heating pipe is transversely arranged in the interior of the water tank.
The water level regulating device comprises a ponding pan, an overflow pipe and a channel connecting the bottom of the water tank and the ponding pan, and the ponding pan is arranged outside the cabinet.
One end of the overflow pipe is connected to the ponding pan, and the other end is penetrated into the water tank from the bottom of the water tank; The overflow pipe is provided with an overflow port at one end close to the water tank. The water level regulating device also comprises a water level sensor, which is arranged on the inner wall of the water tank and is located on the lowest water level line.
The channel is provided with a drain valve at the position close to the ponding pan. The humidity chamber also comprises a water inlet pipe and a vacuum water pump, a water inlet pipe connecting channel and the water tank. The water tank is arranged on the cabinet. humidity chamber also comprises a temperature and humidity sensor, which is arranged inside the cabinet.
The refrigeration mechanism adopts the balanced type, that is, the temperature control meter program will start the refrigeration and heating system to work at the same time according to different temperatures. If the cooling system needs to work more, on the contrary, if the heating system needs to work more, the temperature fluctuation will be minimized. The cooling capacity can be set manually to meet the extreme application environment of customers. It can connect up to 16 devices at the same time through 485 interface.

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