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Kenton Instrument patented product:Vacuum drying oven

Vacuum drying oven is a necessary equipment in the fields of biopharmaceutical, medical, agricultural scientific research.
It can strengthen heat transfer, evenly heat the inner chamber, stabilize the temperature and have high drying efficiency.
Vacuum drying oven, including shell and inner chamber; heating wires are distributed on the four walls of the inner tank; The outside is also wrapped with a thermal insulation; The interior is also provided with shelves for placing products.
There are two shelves; One end of the shelf is provided with a heat transfer wall close to the inner wall. The heat energy is directly transmitted to the sample through the aluminum shelf, which can more effectively strengthen the heat transfer, reduce the temperature fluctuation and make the temperature more uniform.
vacuum drying oven also includes a lighting lamp, a controller, a vacuum pump, a temperature sensor and a vacuum degree sensor arranged inside the vacuum drying oven.


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