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1. From last year to now, affected by the global epidemic, export shipping costs have skyrocketed, the lack of containers and other serious problems, coupled with the world economy at this stage there are too many uncertainties, the export of instrument and equipment industry is also encountering the same problem, shipping costs than 19 years more than four times, still rising. The increase in freight costs directly led to no profit, manufacturers, and customers are reluctant to ship, waiting for the freight costs to come down, but there are analyses that freight costs may also be increasingly high, and may even be the case throughout 2021.
Ltd. for the export of sea freight soaring to take countermeasures, to give customers to store the appropriate extension of time, taking into account the warehouse space is also limited, to give a maximum of not more than three months storage time. If the cost of sea freight and air freight is similar to the air freight is recommended to send air freight, time efficiency can also save the cost of time.
3. With the increasing overseas market demand for purification benches, in order to adapt to the function and other indicators, the export version of the JH series of purification benches is now upgraded from the original LCD controller to a touch screen controller, which is more convenient to use.
4. In response to the market development needs, Kenton Laboratory Co., Ltd. has decided to upgrade the functions of the controllers of constant temperature and humidity chamber WS, LRH series, artificial climate chamber RG, PQH series, light incubator LC, GZP series to make the operation more convenient.

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