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Features examples of commercial drying ovens (2)

The KYS series drying ovens produced by Kenton laboratory are very suitable for the use of baking agricultural and sideline products, easy to install and move, occupy a small area and are suitable for household and commercial use. Energy saving and environmental protection, low power consumption, can be used continuously for a long time, long service life and low maintenance cost. The following are examples for you.


1. Drying and dehydration to preserve meat
With rapid drying becoming the preferred processing technology for creating value-added meat products, hot air shelf drying ovens can transform seafood, fish and meat by-products combined with biotechnology into a variety of highly sought after products. In recent years, competing meat products in the jerky, lipid, enzyme and protein markets have been hampered by a lack of processing capability. Now, the low cost of investment and lower running costs of the KYS series offers the possibility of converting meat, by-products into new, high value products for the consumer, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets.
2. Fish and seafood
Fish contains a large amount of water, but the large amount of fat and oil complicates the drying process. Early temperatures are too high and the end product suffers. As conventional batch freeze drying is slow and requires precise temperature control, the KYS series offers this precise control and improved timeliness.
More and more seafood and nutritional companies are investing in drying technology to create more products with less cost. The KYS series has been introduced in response to market demand.

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