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Advantages and features of drying ovens for commercial use

What are the advantages and characteristics of commercial drying boxes?I. Preserve, dry and dehydrate fruit in less time Drying techniques have been used to extend the shelf life of a wide range of nuts, meats, fruits, vegetables and other foods while retaining their optimum nutritional content. With the KYS series developed by Kenton, companies can use these traditional sun-drying and dehydrating techniques to create new, value-added dried products at a much lower cost than standard refrigerated and frozen alternatives.

II. Creating other value-added products and business opportunities
As new business opportunities arise, companies involved in the food industry can tap into even more dehydrated foods with drying ovens! 
Whether you are preserving, drying or converting agricultural by-products into new products, the KYS series from Kenton opens up a world of possibilities.
III. Research and development of new food products
Using its many years of expertise in temperature and humidity control technology, Kenton laboratory will connect you with unlimited resources where you can turn a number of potential ideas into innovative new products and business opportunities. There are countless opportunities to derive additional value from the raw materials produced. For example fresh produce and processed fruit, our products can offer an opportunity to be cost competitive.
IV. Improved drying times and increased yields
Production has increased from 120 kg per year to 2.4 tonnes per year. If demand continues to increase, the unit will also be able to increase production on a larger scale.
V. Humidity monitoring can be added according to user requirements
Moisture sensors are now used to detect the moisture content of the items during the drying process, ensuring a high quality product that is free from moisture and meets food safety standards.

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