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Features examples of commercial drying ovens

As a commercial drying oven that can be dried and dehydrated the KYS series is ideal for a variety of agricultural and sideline products such as grains and cereals, fruit, pepper, Chinese herbs, mushrooms, seafood, salami and bacon, tobacco, nuts, peanuts, melon seeds, grapes, betel nut and so on. Its biggest advantage is to ensure that the nutritional composition of the sample is not lost under the premise of improving the baking time and quality, in fact, users often ignore the other two more important items in the pursuit of fast drying time when shopping. The following are some examples.
1. Kiwifruit
Temperature control and constancy are very helpful in labelling and packaging kiwis, and drying and dehydration offer the opportunity to make better use of kiwis that are not suitable for sale for longer periods of time.
2. Dried snacks, feed, pet food
The KYS series is an entry level commercial drying oven with a low cost of purchase or use, providing low cost operation for snacks, feed and pet food that require dehydration for preservation.
3. Avocados
Avocados have been praised for their greater health benefits. Opportunities to add value can now be explored by using the KYS series where dried and powdered avocado flesh can be found in many health foods. Of course it is essential to retain its nutritional content.
4. Apples
An apple a day would keep the doctor away, but there are many sub-standard apples each year that cannot be sold as quality fruit. Most of these apples will be juiced, but its pomace by-product, as a food ingredient, offers the opportunity for further drying and dehydration.
5. Grapes
Grape skin and seed extracts are of particular interest, and early studies suggest that their beneficial antioxidants and health qualities may provide profitable drying or dehydration product opportunities in the future.
6. Lemons and oranges
Lemons and oranges may be sour, but they can also offer some value-added product opportunities. In recent years, freeze-drying has been hampered by the high cost of drying, but cheaper solutions to drying are coming, such as citrus powder, which is often used as an ingredient or for uses such as food service.
7. Berries
Berries simply need to be dried and are an effective method of preservation without the need for refrigeration.

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