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600℃ high temperature constant temperature drying oven performance and characteristics

With the continuous research and development of new material technology, the temperature range for the synthesis and testing of new materials is getting higher and higher. The temperature of the drying ovens on sale in the market can generally only reach 300℃ or 500℃ at the highest, and Kenton laboratory, in response to the needs of users, with more than twenty years' production experience in constant temperature drying ovens, has developed an electric high temperature drying oven with a maximum temperature of 600℃ to meet the market demand.
Considering the possible damage to electrical components when working at high temperature, the structure of the chamber is  The structure of the oven is designed to be set up with the inner liner in the upper part and the electrical control system and temperature controller installed in the lower part of the oven. The thickness of the insulation layer is increased to 100mm, and the double-layer structure of aluminium silicate insulation wool with higher temperature resistance is chosen to make the insulation effect better, and the shell temperature is below 80℃ when the inner chamber is heated up to 500℃.
The heat pipe is made of seamless 304 stainless steel, which is not easily deformed and ruptured under high temperature and has high durability. The inner liner is made of thickened 304 stainless steel plate stamping, which is acid and alkali resistant and anti-corrosive, with reinforced structure and welding to ensure no deformation at high temperatures. The door seal is made of high temperature resistant ceramic fibre rope with a double layer sealing design to reduce heat dissipation, PID with intelligent temperature controller to effectively prevent temperature rushing, and optional programmable segmentation instrument to achieve gradient temperature rise and fall.
The inner liner is available in three different sizes, which can be selected according to the customer's needs, and special sizes can be made to order if required.

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