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What do you need to know before buying a drying oven?

Questions and answers to know before buying a drying oven:
1: Can I test before I buy?
We have prototypes in our factory, so you can make an appointment to see the prototype and test it at any time, or if you are far away, you can send us a sample to test the sample on your behalf.
2: Can I try before I buy?
We recommend that you give us your product temperature requirements before you try it out. We can recommend, or build a programme to suit your specific needs. As high temperatures can cause yellowing of the inner surface of the product and affect secondary sales, we do not recommend trying it out if the temperature is too high.
3: What can I do with it?
To remove moisture from the product and to control the product in the environment.
4: What do I need to use it?
Single phase or three phase power - depending on the equipment, it can be used indoors or in the workshop, an ambient temperature of 15-30 degrees Celsius is recommended. 
5: How do I put my products in the large oven?
There are trolleys and trays that can be operated by one person.
6: Is the size according to the outer oven or the inner liner and what are the main parameters 
quoted when buying?
Our products are mainly sized according to the size of the inner chamber in terms of height, width, depth and volume. The main parameters to be quoted are the temperature range, the requirements for temperature accuracy and uniformity, and the material of the inner chamber.

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