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Surface temperature standard of Electric heating drying oven

Drying oven in the process of use due to individual insulation effect is not done well, resulting in the surface temperature of the outer oven is too hot, causing some trouble to the user. In accordance with the national standard GB/T30435-2013 for electric thermostatic ovens, the requirements on the surface temperature are as follows.
1. The maximum working temperature is not greater than 200℃ of the drying oven, in the distance from the oven door frame, observation window, exhaust hole, motor shaft, etc. around 80MM and beyond any surface, the surface temperature should not be greater than the indoor temperature plus 35℃.
2. For the drying oven with the highest working temperature greater than 200℃, the limit value of the surface temperature is T1=Tr+35+(Tm-200)/10. (T1 is the surface temperature, Tr is the indoor ambient temperature, Tm is the highest temperature, unit is ℃).
There is thermal insulation layer between the inner chamber and the outer chamber of the drying oven, and the good or bad effect of thermal insulation is determined by the material of thermal insulation cotton, the thickness of thermal insulation layer and the heat transfer structure of the chamber. The high-end precision type GX series drying oven developed and produced by Kenton laboratory adopts the hollow isolation design of the oven body and the inner chamber, the heat of the inner chamber cannot be transferred to the outer chamber, so the surface temperature of the shell is controlled within +20℃ of the room temperature, which is better than the national standard and the heat preservation effect is ahead of the peers.

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