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Power supply conditions of the Electric heating drying oven

The power supply requirements as announced in the national standard GB/T30435-2013 for Electric heating drying oven implemented on August 1, 2014 are:
a) Rated voltage: 220V AC, 380V or other rated voltage, the range of permitted deviation from the rated value is -15%~+10%.
b) Rated frequency: 50Hz or other rated frequencies, with a permissible deviation from the rated value in the range of ±2%.
c) Typical transient overvoltage is allowed on the grid power supply, and the nominal level of transient overvoltage is impulse withstand voltage (overvoltage) category II as stipulated in GB16895.12-2001.
Electric heating drying oven are matched with different sizes of heating power according to the size of the volume, generally the load conditions are not large or low power factory settings with AC 220V voltage, high power with AC three-phase 380 V. Power supply conditions or special power requirements can be communicated with the manufacturer in advance. For example, small family-type workshops may not be equipped with 380V or different countries need to configure different voltages, all need to communicate well before purchase.

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