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Drying oven heating principle and air supply mode.

Drying oven is the use of electric wire insulation heating objects dry equipment, can make the product quickly drying effect, to shorten the production cycle, save energy, improve the quality of products and other purposes; Drying oven shell is generally made of thin steel plate, the surface is painted, the studio is made of high quality structural steel plate, aluminum silicate fiber is filled between the shell and the studio, the heater is installed at the bottom, can also be placed on the top or both sides.

Drying oven scope of application:
Used for dewatering and drying products, such as electroplating industry, electronics industry, alloy jewelry drop oil, food plastic industry, leather industry, hardware and other production industries, but not for strong volatile, flammable and explosive items, so as to avoid explosion. If explosion-proof requirements, explosion-proof locks and explosion-proof doors and other safety facilities must be installed.
Drying oven heating principle:
The heating tube is heated by electric energy, and the internal temperature of the oven is uniform by air supply through the air duct through the motor. Air supply is divided into vertical circulation and horizontal circulation air supply. Through different air supply ways to make heating more reasonable and uniform.
Drying oven air supply mode:
1. Horizontal air supply is suitable for baking objects that need to be placed in the tray; The hot air of the water supply is blown from both sides of the studio, so it can be bathed in the tray! It's gonna bake really well. On the contrary, it is not appropriate to use vertical air supply for baking objects placed in the tray. The principle of vertical air supply hot air is blown out from top to bottom. It will block the hot air, so that the hot air can not bathe in the following layers, and the corresponding baking effect will be very poor.
2. Vertical air supply is suitable for baking objects placed on the grid. The vertical air supply hot air is blown from the top to the bottom. 

The  drying oven placed on the grid of objects can also be horizontal air supply, this also depends on the characteristics of the object itself.
Drying oven is widely used in laboratory, laboratory, electronic communication, plastic, cable,electroplating, hardware, photoelectric, plastic products, mold, shoe materials, spraying, printing, medical, aerospace and colleges and universities and other industries.

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