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The configuration of clean bench determines its price.

Laminar flow cabinet is designed to meet the needs of modern industry, photoelectric industry, biopharmaceutical and scientific research and other fields for the cleanliness of local working area.

Laminar flow cabinet is more than 100 levels, mainly divided into two categories, one is horizontal laminar flow, the other is vertical laminar flow.
Laminar flow cabinet enters pre-filtered air through a fan, then enters the hePA filter for filtration through a hydrostatic chamber,the filtered air will be sent out in the state of vertical or horizontal airflow, so that the operating area to achieve 100 cleanliness, to ensure the production of environmental cleanliness requirements.
Laminar flow cabinet can be divided into single table and double table in terms of the number of operators. Ultra-clean table can be divided into conventional type, new push-pull type and self-circulating type (only for vertical flow) in terms of structure.  The service life of Laminar flow cabinet is related to the cleanliness of the air.
Laminar flow cabinet  configuration determines the price of super clean workbench, super clean workbench using mirror stainless steel material, corrosion resistance, convenient cleaning standard early effect and high efficiency filter, the filtering effect meets the demand of users purification level, a microcomputer control system integration, the wind speed is adjustable, adopted counterweight type front door design, and can be arbitrary orientation, foot rack and cabinet put oneself in another's position with separate design, Convenient transportation.
In the laminar flow cabinet can also be suspended ultraviolet lamp, but should be installed outside the lighting lamp shade, and stagger the arrangement of lights, so as not to interfere with the lighting at work. By all means avoid the ultraviolet lamp into the lighting lamp shade (glass) inside, because the ultraviolet ray can not penetrate the glass, its tube is quartz glass, rather than silicate glass.

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