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Clean bench principle and installation.

Clean bench is a one-way air purification equipment that provides local dust-free sterile working environment. It is suitable for scientific research and production departments that need local Clean sterile working environment, such as medicine and health, biopharmaceutical, food, medical science experiment, optics, electronics, asepsis room experiment, asepsis microbial test, plant tissue culture inoculation and so on. It can also be connected to an assembly line with low noise and mobility. The use of Clean bench has good effects on improving process conditions, improving product quality and increasing yield.

Clean Bench principles: In a specific space, indoor air by the filter at the beginning of the pre-filter by small centrifugal fan pressure, static pressure, then through secondary filtration, high efficiency air filter out of the high efficiency air filter surface wind blown clean air has certain and uniform cross section wind speed, can rule out the workspace of the original air, to take away dust particles and biological particles, to form a sterile high clean working environment.
The main installation of Clean bench: in the environment with better sanitary conditions, such as the sterile laboratory in the dust-free workshop, it is best to lay plastic floor or water grinding floor, and pay attention to the sealing of doors and Windows to avoid the impact of external dust particles on the indoor.
A Clean bench routine includes: Countertops and experimental tools clean, common use uv lamp, use half an hour before and after the exposure, the worktable can be wiped with a clean cloth, using alcohol to clean it again, sterilization effect, close the damper, protect the internal work area, try to protect the environment clean, 
Clean Bench maintenance mainly cleaning filter, Early efficient filter generally 3 to 6 months to remove the clean, be in commonly 2 years, fan winds of less than 0.08 m/s maximum power workspace will be expected to replace the hepa filter, replacing high efficiency filter model should be paid attention to the correct size according to the arrow direction, and pay attention to the peripheral seal filter, absolutely no leakage phenomenon.

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