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About the use environment requirement of Electric heating drying oven

Many users who buy and use thermostatic ovens will see "ambient temperature" and "temperature range" on the parameter sheet or manual, etc. It can be said that the two are completely different concepts, and "ambient temperature" has a direct impact on "temperature range", as described below.
According to the national standard GB/T30435-2013 of Electric heating drying oven, the following requirements for the use of environmental conditions of the drying oven are listed below.
a) Indoor use.
b) The temperature is 5~35℃.
c) The maximum relative humidity is 80% when the ambient temperature is lower than 31℃, and the maximum relative humidity drops linearly to 67% when the ambient temperature is 35℃.
d) Atmospheric pressure of 80kPa~106kPa.
e) No direct sunlight or other heat source radiation.
f) Pollution level 2, no explosive gases and high concentration of dust or corrosive gases in the surrounding area
g) No strong vibrations and draughts in the surrounding area.
For the ambient temperature, the general situation is called room temperature. Under the premise of room temperature 5~35℃, the drying oven can be set and constant temperature within the temperature range parameters. However, when the ambient temperature is lower than 5°C or higher than 35°C there is a possibility of deviation from the temperature range.


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