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How to maintain thermostatic incubator?

Thermostatic incubator is a general term for a kind of constant temperature chamber, which is widely used in medical and health, pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry, industrial production and agricultural science and other scientific research departments. Its main function is to cultivate various microorganisms, tissues, cells and other organisms.

The working principle of thermostatic incubator:
The actual temperature felt by the temperature sensor in the box is converted into an electrical signal, and the work of the heater is controlled by a microcomputer to reach the desired temperature.
Thermostatic incubator maintenance method:
1. The thermostatic incubator must not be turned upside down during transportation.
2. Do not change the set value frequently during use, so as not to affect the control accuracy and affect the service life of the equipment.
3. The experimental items in use should be 10cm away from the ventilation holes to avoid the ventilation being affected.
4. The temperature upper limit alarm measures the temperature value, the factory default setting is 20 degrees.
5. This machine is equipped with a power switch on the door handle. If a fault occurs during operation, please cut off the power first, check whether the control circuit is intact, and then check other parts.
6. Be sure to close the inner door first and tighten the glass door handle, then close the door. If the inner door and the box door are not closed, the device may not work at maximum performance. When closing the door, please be careful not to use excessive force to damage the door seal mechanism.
7. In order to maintain the appearance of the equipment, do not wipe the exterior with corrosive solution. The inside of the box can be wiped with dry cloth or alcohol to keep the inside of the box clean.
8. When the equipment is not in use, keep the box dry and cut off the power supply.
9. To ensure uniform temperature in the box, check whether the fan in the box is operating normally. During the experiment, the items in the box should not be placed too densely and do not block the air outlet of the fan to facilitate the air circulation in the box.
10. Do not touch, collision with the temperature sensor in the box may cause the temperature to get out of control.
11. Be sure to fix the shelf, otherwise it may damage the culture.
12. Be careful when opening the inner glass door. Do not put pressure on the glass door, as it may cause personal injury.
13. Personnel should not lean on the equipment door to prevent the equipment from overturning or the door is damaged, causing personal injury and equipment damage.
14. If the equipment breaks down, you should ask a professional to repair it or contact the sales department of our factory. The user should not disassemble and repair it arbitrarily.
The thermostatic incubator produced by Kangheng Instrument Co., Ltd. implements the "three guarantees". From the date of sale of the product, if there is a quality problem within one year, the factory will be responsible for free maintenance, except for man-made damage and consumable parts.


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