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Structural characteristics of industrial ovens and precautions for use.

Industrial oven is widely used in electroplating industry, electronics industry, alloy jewelry drop oil, food plastic industry, leather industry, hardware industry, etc., is not suitable for flammable and explosive products processing; Used for dehydration and drying of products; Suitable for industrial and mining enterprises and workshop batch production, can be a long time uninterrupted work.

Structural features of industrial oven:

1. Digital display intelligent temperature controller with intelligent PID self-tuning and timing function;

2. According to the box size, single door or double door design, practical and generous;

3. Large diameter centrifugal wind wheel, heat flow uniform;
4. The shell adopts metal paint spraying system, the overall design is beautiful and novel;

5. The liner can be galvanized steel plate or stainless steel plate;

6. This series of products have the characteristics of large storage capacity and fast heating time.

Precautions for the use of industrial oven:

1, industrial oven is suitable for industrial baking, do not use for other purposes not specified.

2, the electric oven shall not be placed on any items, do not cover or block the ventilation of the electric oven.

3. Industrial oven belongs to general heating oven, and it is strictly prohibited to bake inflammable and explosive items.
4, turn on the power switch, wind switch, motor running direction should be against the clock, if not, should be timely change the power phase.

Industrial oven adopts microcomputer intelligent temperature control, digital display; Centrifugal wind wheel, heat flow uniform; Large studio space, fast heating time, explosion-proof lock, explosion-proof door can be added.

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