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The laminar flow cabinet is used to distinguish between horizontal and vertical uses.

The laminar flow cabinet is also called Clean bench. The laminar flow cabinet is one of the essential basic equipment for carrying out biological research and experiments. It is widely used in the fields of medical and health, scientific research and experiments. The laminar flow cabinet combines perfect airflow dynamics for the operator. Create a partially purified working environment.
The vertical type is mostly used in laboratories, biopharmaceuticals, and optoelectronic industries. The horizontal type is mostly used in electronics, instrumentation, and tissue training industries. The most important thing is to choose according to your specific experiment or purpose. The vertical is that the wind blows from top to bottom and flows out from the countertop of the operating table, which can effectively reduce the stimulation of the operator caused by the gas generated during operation, so the pharmaceutical industry is guaranteed The operator uses the vertical type for health. Some optical manufacturers use the vertical type to produce lenses or chips.
The horizontal type means that the wind blows from the rear to the front. If the tabletop is to place a microscope or other small instruments for culture or inoculation, the horizontal type is used in the industry, because if it is vertical, the airflow will be blocked by the instrument. Generally, the horizontal type will be used for inspection. , But use the horizontal type to pay attention to the impact on the flame of the alcohol lamp. The vertical air supply is slightly louder than the horizontal air supply at the rear due to the fan at the top. Therefore, the horizontal and vertical types have their own advantages and disadvantages, and you can purchase them according to your own operating needs.
Laminar flow cabinet can be equipped with optional accessories: regular sterilization and disinfection; filter failure alarm; programmable ultraviolet sterilization control program; can be equipped with ULPA ultra-high efficiency filter.

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