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Advantages of vacuum drying oven over ordinary drying oven.

Vacuum drying oven is specially designed for drying heat sensitive and easily oxidized materials, especially suitable for powder or granular samples, and effectively shorten the drying time, widely used in biological pharmaceutical, medical cause, agricultural scientific research and other fields.

The actual temperature and vacuum pressure felt by the temperature sensor and pressure sensor in the box are converted into electrical signals, and the heater, vacuum pump and inlet solenoid valve are controlled by the microcomputer, so as to achieve the required temperature and vacuum degree.
Compared with ordinary large drying oven, the boiling point of the liquid that needs to be removed is greatly reduced, so vacuum drying can be easily applied to heat-sensitive substances; All kinds of mechanical parts with complex structure or other porous samples are cleaned and then vacuum oven is used. After being completely dried, no residual material is left. The use of vacuum drying is safer, in vacuum or inert conditions, completely eliminate the possibility of oxide heat explosion; In contrast to ordinary drying, which relies on air circulation, the powdered sample will not be blown or moved by moving air.
vacuum drying oven
When operating the vacuum drying oven, it is necessary to pay attention not to use the vacuum drying oven outdoors. If the oven is wet by rain, it may cause electric leakage and shock, which may cause danger to personal safety. Do not use gas, water mains, telephone lines or a lightning rod to vacuum drying ground; Use a strap connection.
The power socket of ground wire should use the special power indicated on the nameplate. The power supply of any other voltage or frequency not marked on the nameplate may cause electric shock or fire. Before repairing or maintaining the vacuum drying oven, always turn off the power switch and power off the equipment to avoid electric shock or injury.

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