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Thermostatic incubator construction and application technology.

Thermostatic Incubator is an essential incubator for microbial culture. Thermostatic Incubator is usually a vertical box made of steel plate with an inner door made of toughened glass, the inner chamber is equipped with stainless steel partitions for holding the culture, which can be easily moved and can be changed at will. Silicon rubber is installed between the studio and the glass door Rubber sealing ring, the left and right sides of the outdoor wall and the bottom of the heating part, equipped with a low noise small fan, to ensure the temperature uniformity in the box.
Thermostatic incubator adopts advanced inner cavity heating technology with low energy consumption and not easy to dissipate. Perfect air circulation system; Microcomputer control, humanized design,Can set the password, wide time setting, operation has voice prompt; Original imported temperature sensing components reduce natural temperature effects. Thermostatic incubator has the capability Low consumption, heat energy is not easy to lose and other characteristics, so that customers reduce the use of cost.
Thermostatic incubator
The thermostatic incubator should be kept clean inside and outside. It should be cleaned after each use. If it is not used for a long time, the dust cover should be covered and placed in a dry room. The fan in the incubator is regularly injected with lubricant grease. Thermostatic Incubator should not be placed in a high temperature or humid place and avoid direct sunlight.
KENTON Apparatus Ltd. has been specialized in manufacturing Thermostatic incubator for more than 20 years. We produce various Thermostatic incubator in various models. We welcome new and old customers to choose.

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