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What should I prepare for the first operation of vacuum Oven?

Vacuum oven is heating, Vacuum control of high precision constant temperature equipment, specially designed for drying heat sensitive and easily oxidized substances, especially suitable for powder or granular sample, and effectively shorten the drying time, and was applied in biological pharmaceutical, medicine, agricultural scientific research and other fields can be widely applied in biochemistry, universities and colleges, scientific research and other fields, Vacuum drying, preservation, disinfection and sterilization purposes.

Technical parameters of Vacuum Oven:
1, temperature control range: +5 ~ 250℃;
2, vacuum range (absolute pressure) : 999.9 ~ 0MB
3, temperature control resolution: 0.1℃;
4, temperature fluctuation tolerance: ±0.5℃ (+10℃ ~ 240℃ set range);
5, power supply voltage: AC 220V/50Hz;
6, timing range: 0~99 hours, 0~9999 minutes, optional;
7. Equipment category: CLASS I;
8, working environment: ambient temperature 10~30℃ relative humidity below 70%.
vacuum oven
Preparation for first operation of Vacuum Oven:
1. The door handle is pulled up and pulled to the right to open the door;
2. Block shelf with hand, then the shelf under the push rod to pull out of the shelf can be loose;
3. Remove the shelf accessories inside the equipment, clean the shelf and the inner wall of the box with gauze;
4. The shelf according to their own drying or experimental requirements into the equipment, then the shelf push rod to press inward, the shelf can be completed installation;
5. Connect vacuum pump and nitrogen cylinder (provided by users);
6. Use if need to put article on same shelf, space should put apart to facilitate article dry between each other.
After cleaning, various mechanical parts or other porous samples in KENTON's Vacuum Oven are dried by Vacuum drying method. After completely drying, no residual material is left, which is easy to operate and accurate.

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