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Industrial oven panel layout instructions

Industrial oven is used for product dehydration and drying, such as electroplating industry, electronics industry, alloy jewelry dripping, food plastic industry, leather industry, hardware and other production industries. It is very suitable for industrial and mining enterprises and workshops for mass production, and can be uninterrupted for a long time. use.
Description of each panel of industrial oven:
① PV display: display the measured temperature and display various prompts according to the state of the controller;
② SV display: display the set temperature and display various parameters according to the controller status;
③ Indicator light
l RUN (running indicator light): Lights up when the controller is working, and flashes during self-tuning;
l OUT (heating output indicator light): on when there is heating output;
l ALM (alarm output indicator light): on when there is an alarm output;
④ Button
l Function keys: used to call out parameters and confirm the modification of parameters;
l Decrease key: used to adjust the value or start auto-tuning;
l Increase key: used to adjust the value or start auto-tuning.
industrial oven panel
Features of industrial oven:
1. Digital display intelligent temperature controller, with microcomputer intelligent PID auto-tuning and timing functions;
2. According to the box size, single door or double door design, practical and generous;
3. Large-diameter centrifugal wind wheel is adopted, and the heat flow is even;
4. The shell is sprayed with metallic paint, and the overall design is beautiful and novel;
5. The inner tank can be galvanized steel plate or stainless steel plate;
6. This series of products have the characteristics of large storage capacity and fast heating time.
The industrial oven is CE certified, with quality guaranteed. It has focused on industrial oven production for more than 20 years, and many new and old users repurchase it. Our products have become the largest and most influential equipment manufacturer in South China.

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