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Industrial oven microcomputer control

Industrial oven can be used for drying, heat treatment, heating in various medical and health, medicine, biology, pesticide, scientific research and other departments, but it is not suitable for volatile, flammable, explosive and other items to avoid explosion.
The industrial oven adopts microcomputer intelligent PID control technology. The system has temperature control, timing and over-temperature alarm functions. The external hot air circulation system is composed of low-noise fans and air ducts. Reasonable air ducts and circulation systems make the temperature in the working room stable and the enclosure is environmentally friendly. Electrostatic spray treatment of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, the overall design is beautiful and novel, and it has a large viewing angle observation window. The inner tank is divided into two types: mirror stainless steel and galvanized steel plate. The semi-arc-shaped four corners are easy to clean. The shelf spacing and shelf in the workshop The quantity can be adjusted to facilitate access to samples of different specifications. The high temperature resistant silica gel is used as the sealed door side, and the high temperature heating tube is used as the heating element to ensure safety and longer service life. The ergonomic fastening handle is convenient for operation, and Ensure tightness.
Industrial oven are divided into two types: horizontal convection and upper and lower convection. The smaller studio adopts the horizontal convection type, the heating part is on the upper part, and the larger studio adopts the upper and lower convection type, and the heating part is on the upper part. The motor is installed on the upper or rear, and circulates the heat to the working room by driving the wind wheel, and so on.

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