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Ergonomic structure design of constant temperature incubator

The thermostatic incubator complies with the requirements of the National Pharmacopoeia and the relevant standards of Australia AS3100, US FDA, EN, ICH (cGMP/ICH/380/95/Q1A/ and Q1B), can perform long-term acceleration experiments and forced degradation experiments; can provide Chinese/English IQ , OQ, PQ. And can provide a variety of verification services; thermostatic incubator has passed the EU CE safety certification and enjoys a 2-year quality warranty period.

The ergonomic structure design of thermostatic incubator:
1. The color matching of classic products in modern laboratories, international popular design, and arc-shaped design concepts make the laboratory add highlights and increase operating comfort;
2. Original integrated design of outer door and LCD control panel, ergonomic structure, comfortable observation angle, convenient and simple operation of outer door opening and interface;
3. Movable mesh partitions, the interval and quantity can be adjusted in various intervals according to customer needs, and the maximum capacity can meet various experiments and culture items;
Humanized vertical classic structure design, maximizing the use of working cavity;
4. Double door design (equipped with incubator series), real-time control of the state of the inner cavity sample, and at the same time make the heat preservation performance better.

The thermostatic incubator adopts ALLHEATTM's advanced cavity preheating technology to evenly distribute the heating elements around the inner cavity, preheat the inner wall of the cavity, and then use heat transfer and forced fan convection to make the temperature at every point in the cavity accurate The ground reaches and maintains the set value, so as to ensure the uniform temperature distribution in the cavity.

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