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Vacuum drying oven shape and temperature

The vacuum drying oven is a high-precision constant temperature device with heating and vacuum control. It is specially designed for drying heat-sensitive and easily oxidized substances. It is especially suitable for powder or granular samples and effectively shortens the drying time. Therefore, it is used in biopharmaceuticals, Medical industry, agricultural scientific research and other fields can be widely used in biochemistry, colleges and universities, scientific research and other fields, for vacuum drying, preservation, disinfection and sterilization of articles.
The shape of the vacuum drying oven is horizontal, and the working chamber is made of stainless steel plate and the shape is square. The box body is made of high-quality galvanized steel sheet or stainless steel, and the middle insulation layer is filled with ultra-fine glass wool. This drying oven adopts double-layer all-glass doors, the inner layer is made of fully tempered and thickened glass, and the outer layer is made of explosion-proof special organic glass. The door frame is equipped with a suspension spring, which can automatically adjust the tightness of the box. A molded heat-resistant silicone rubber sealing ring is installed between the working chamber and the outer door to ensure the sealing of the chamber door and the working chamber and greatly improve the vacuum degree of the chamber.
The vacuum drying oven uses the actual temperature sensed by the temperature sensor in the box to control the heater's work through a microcomputer to reach the desired temperature. Manually control the operation of the vacuum pump and observe the vacuum gauge to achieve the vacuum required for drying.
When vacuuming the vacuum drying oven, observe the negative pressure indication status of the panel vacuum gauge, and close the vacuum system in time when the required vacuum pressure is reached. Turn off the panel vacuum valve switch first, and then turn off the vacuum pump power supply, otherwise the vacuum pump oil may flow back into the cabinet working room, affecting the normal use of the product.

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