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How to choose an industrial oven?

When purchasing an industrial oven, we mainly consider four major aspects, such as size, temperature, discharge, and placement.

1. How do we determine the size of the industrial oven when we buy it?
The production capacity determines the size and specifications to meet the production needs, and the production capacity is high. You can choose the crawler-type industrial oven. That is, we are talking about drying production line, tunnel furnace, and drying tunnel. Low-capacity or experimental small ovens can be customized.
2. How to choose the temperature of the industrial oven, and what should be guaranteed in terms of temperature?
According to the process requirements, calculate the actual temperature difference required to ensure the baking effect, and select a temperature that is 10 degrees higher than the actual use temperature.
3. How about the venue?
If the oven is placed on the floor, first consider whether you can enter the door, elevator, etc.
4. What is the height of the industrial oven?
How to put the product in, you can layer the oven, configure the tray, there are net disks, physical disks, perforated disks, if there are more, you can use the material rack, the frame, but pay attention to a question, whether the operator is convenient to operate, in many factories The operators are all girls, and the height is more than 1.5 meters. It is really difficult for her to lift the 150*850 size bakeware.
If you don’t know how to choose the industrial oven, you can try the industrial oven of our Kangheng instrument. It is especially suitable for industrial and mining enterprises and workshops for mass production. It can be used for a long time without interruption. Its cabinet can be designed with single or double doors, and heat circulation Uniform, the outer shell is sprayed with metal paint, and the inner tank can be galvanized steel or stainless steel, with large storage capacity and fast heating time.

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