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industrial oven KH series and accessories

Industrial oven is widely used in electroplating industry, electronics industry, alloy jewelry dripping, food plastic industry, leather industry, hardware industry, etc. It is not suitable for the processing of inflammable and explosive products; it is used for dehydration and drying of products; it is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises. It can be produced in batches in the workshop and can work without interruption for a long time; the industrial oven-KH series of Kangheng Instruments is strongly promoted.

The KH series industrial oven adopts a large-diameter wind wheel circulation form, so it has the characteristics of large circulating air volume and uniform heat circulation. It is suitable for various industries or products that require large or large quantities of baking area. The industrial oven is used between the studio and the shell Glass fiber is used as the thermal insulation material, the outer shell is welded by steel plate, and the inner tank material is divided into steel plate; galvanized plate or stainless steel.

Flammable, explosive and volatile materials are strictly prohibited to be heated and dried in the box. For high-value materials, it is best to install an independent temperature limiter in the industrial oven, set the maximum temperature limit, and double insurance to ensure that the materials will not be electronically affected by the cabinet. The component fails and the temperature rises too high to cause damage. There are large and small industrial ovens to meet your storage capacity.

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