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What is a humidity chamber?

The humidity chamber is made of high-quality thin plates. The surface is painted firmly and beautifully. The door has a built-in inner door glass window and is equipped with interior lighting to make the test items clear at a glance. The inner tank is made of mirror-finished stainless steel sheet, and is processed by movable shelves. The temperature in the box has good uniformity, durability and easy cleaning; the temperature control part adopts a new type of intelligent digital display temperature regulator with single-chip technology, and users can choose according to different It is required to set and adjust the temperature, humidity, and time period by operating the touch keys of the control panel to achieve the test purpose; the display in Chinese and English is optional, the interface is clear, and the operation is user-friendly.

Technical parameters of humidity chamber:
1. Temperature control range: 0~60℃; (with humidification 10~50℃);
2. Temperature fluctuation tolerance: ±0.5℃ (within the setting range of 10℃~40℃);
3. Tolerance of temperature uniformity: ±1℃ (within the setting range of 10℃~40℃);
4. Humidity control range: 50-90%RH (within the setting range of 10℃~40℃);
5. Humidity fluctuation: ±3%;
6. Power supply voltage: AC 220V/50Hz;
7. Input power: 900W (100L) 1080W (150L) 1100W (250L); 8. Working environment: ambient temperature 10~30℃, relative humidity below 70%;
9. Refrigerant: R134;
10. Equipment category: Class I.
11. Note: The humidity chamber has a low-temperature automatic frosting function. It is normal that the temperature and humidity will fluctuate during low-temperature automatic frosting.

The humidity chamber converts the actual temperature and humidity sensed by the temperature sensor and humidity sensor in the chamber into electrical signals. The microcomputer controls the heater or refrigeration compressor to reach the required temperature; the humidifier is controlled to reach the required humidity.

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