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Why use laminar flow cabinet?

The laminar flow cabinet combined with the perfect airflow dynamics design creates a partially purified working environment for the operator, so that the test can be carried out smoothly; the dust net of the laminar flow cabinet should be replaced once every two years; the laminar flow cabinet is divided into horizontal laminar flow and The vertical laminar flow type is divided into table type and vertical type, single-person single-sided (double-sided) and double-sided single-sided (double-sided) according to the use function; laminar flow cabinet adopts low-energy centrifugal fan, with reasonable air duct design to make air flow It is more uniform and stable; the operating table is made of mirror stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean; the standard initial and high-efficiency filters make the filtering effect meet the user's purification level requirements; the control system adopts microcomputer integration, and the wind speed is adjustable; the folding front door is adopted Design, up and down can be arbitrarily positioned; the tripod and cabinet adopt a separate design, which is convenient for transportation.

laminar flow cabinet
The use of laminar flow cabinet is to maintain the biological cleanliness of the barrier system, protect the safety of the staff, ensure the normal operation of the unit, and minimize the various variable factors that affect the scientific research results.
The laminar flow cabinet adopts ultraviolet sterilization lamp, and the front part is designed to be inclined at 10 degrees in accordance with human mechanics, which makes the operation more comfortable. The working distinction adopts an open structure, and the purified air flows towards the operator, so that the external air flow will not be mixed into the operation area. Without the protective baffle, it is convenient to pick and place items and ensure the operation requirements; laminar flow cabinet The primary filter and the secondary filter without partitions are used to achieve the cleanliness level above 100. 

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