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Why can't the industrial oven add heat?

What should I do if the industrial oven cannot add heat during use?

It should be checked whether the timing time has run to the timing setting value; most users do not understand this function, when the timing time runs to the timing value, the heating tube will not work, the fan will not rotate, causing no heating, and the temperature will not rise; check whether the fan is running If the inspection is broken (you can use a multimeter to measure whether there is 380V voltage at the two ends of the fan pin), notify the company to mail the accessories to solve; check the circuit control board, use the multimeter to measure whether there is output, and check according to the drawing; (drawings can be contacted by your company to send ).
industrial oven
It is also possible that there are too many things to be baked, and the heating element of the oven is not powered enough, and the temperature will not rise, so the only way to reduce the amount of baked goods; or the airtightness of the oven is not good, causing heat energy loss.
When placing the industrial oven, please ensure that the cabinet is effectively grounded to ensure safety. Do not touch the electrical parts with your hands or a damp cloth when energized. The industrial oven should be kept clean frequently. Do not wipe with corrosive chemical solutions to avoid chemical reactions.

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