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Solutions to failures of industrial oven accessories.

The industrial oven adopts a large-diameter wind wheel circulation form, so it has the characteristics of large circulating air volume and uniform heat circulation. It is suitable for various industries or products that require a large area or a large number of baking products, such as electroplating, electronics, alloy jewelry, and plastics. Drying and dehydration such as shaping, but not suitable for items with strong volatility, inflammable and explosive, etc., to avoid explosion.

Troubleshooting measures for industrial oven accessories:
1. The failure of the transfer switch can be based on checking whether the transfer switch knob and the rotating shaft are slipping. If it is, immediately tighten the knob and tighten the screw without disassembly. But if the copper contact piece of the changeover switch loses its elasticity, it should be replaced with a new one.
2. The reason why the indicator light does not light may be the filament burnt, the connection between the neon bulb and the current-limiting resistor is loose, and the current-limiting resistor is burned. Check the cause one by one, replace the indicator lamp, solder the off point again, and then check the situation. The current-limiting resistor can eliminate the fault.
3. The temperature adjustment thermostat is out of control. You can check the temperature adjustment thermostat knob, rotating shaft thread sleeve, contact, bimetallic ceramic beads. If the shaft slips, tighten the screw; if the shaft thread sleeve rotates with the shaft, fix the thread sleeve; if the contact is sintered, the contact must be removed; if the ceramic ball is damaged or falls off, the ceramic ball needs to be replaced.
There are two types of industrial ovens: horizontal convection and upper and lower convection. The smaller studio adopts the horizontal convection type, the heating part is on the upper part, and the larger studio adopts the upper and lower convection type, and the heating part is on the upper part. The motor is installed on the upper or rear, and circulates the heat to the working room by driving the wind wheel, and so on. 

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