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High temperature drying oven up to 500 temperature

The high-temperature drying oven is used for drying, heat-treating and heating test products in the industrial and mining, scientific research, medical and health, and jade processing units. The maximum temperature of the high-temperature drying oven can reach 500 degrees Celsius.

Features of high temperature drying oven:
1. Digital display intelligent temperature control, with microcomputer intelligent PID auto-tuning function,
2. The shell is sprayed with metal paint, and the overall design is beautiful and generous.
3. The inner tank is made of stainless steel, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance.
4. Double-layer insulation material door seal, effective insulation and preventing heat loss, effective energy saving,
5. The heating components and the fan are made of high temperature resistant materials to ensure safety and long life.
Be careful when using the high-temperature drying oven. Before powering on, make sure that the switch is set to the “off” position to check whether there is an open circuit or leakage; because there will be a slight smoke process during the first heating, so before the formal use, It is recommended not to put the sample first, close the door, unscrew the exhaust cover of the top of the box, turn on the power switch, and set the temperature controller at 100°C. The temperature in the chamber will start to heat up. When it reaches 100°C, the temperature controller will automatically keep the temperature constant. The power supply can be cut off, and the door of the box can be opened to dissipate heat and smoke; when it is used, put the sample on the shelf, close the door, unscrew the exhaust cover on the top of the box, connect the power, turn on the power switch and then turn on the temperature controller Set it at the required temperature. At this time, the inside of the box will start to heat up until the temperature reaches the set temperature constant; the sample should not be placed too squeezed during use, so as not to affect the convection in the box. When placing the box, please make the box effectively grounded in accordance with the regulations to ensure safe use. Never touch the electrical circuit on the left side of the box with your hands or a damp cloth when powering on; please do not put volatile, flammable and explosive items into the box for heating. To prevent explosion. 

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