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What is the advantage of vacuum drying oven over ordinary drying oven?

The vacuum drying oven converts the actual temperature and vacuum pressure sensed by the temperature sensor and pressure sensor into an electrical signal, and uses a microcomputer to control the operation of the heater, vacuum pump, and intake solenoid valve to achieve the required temperature and vacuum.

Compared with ordinary drying ovens, vacuum drying ovens have different requirements for airtightness. Vacuum drying ovens work under negative pressure and have low oxygen content, which can reduce or eliminate oxidation reactions. This requires that the inner liner of the drying oven can interact with If the outside world is isolated, if you want to have the requirement of vacuum, you need to have some more demanding processes as a guarantee. The general drying oven does not require vacuum degree, so the tightness of the inner tank is not very high, as long as it can achieve general heat insulation effect and can meet the general production needs; vacuum drying oven and ordinary drying oven have an impact on the thickness of the inner tank. The requirements of the vacuum drying oven are also different. The vacuum drying oven requires the inner container to withstand the pressure requirements after vacuuming. The material used in the vacuum drying oven is generally thicker, basically using 3mm or thicker plates, while the inner container of the general drying oven is made of 1.0mm That's it, its processing difficulty is much less than that of the vacuum drying oven; the inner container of the vacuum drying oven is isolated from the outside, and the heating method of the vacuum drying oven is to heat the inner container and radiate the inside to increase the temperature of the plate. The general drying oven heating source is located inside the box or in the air duct, the heat source is very close to the processed material, and it is also intercommunicated with the inner tank.
The vacuum drying oven puts the material in a vacuum condition, which reduces the boiling point of water, so that the dried material can be dried at a low temperature. The vacuum drying oven is especially suitable for powder or granular samples, and effectively shortens the drying time. It can be widely used in biochemistry, colleges and universities, scientific research and other fields, for vacuum drying, preservation, disinfection and sterilization of articles.

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