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Drying oven usage and precautions.

The drying oven is a heating device with high heating power and requires an independent air switch to control it. The drying oven adopts microcomputer intelligent temperature control and digital display; centrifugal wind wheel, uniform heat flow; large studio space and fast heating time.

How to use the drying oven:
1. Before powering on, make sure that the switch is set to the "off" position to check whether there is any open circuit or leakage.
2. Connect the power supply, unscrew the exhaust cover, turn on the electric heating switch, and turn on the blast.
Precautions for using drying oven:
1. When placing the cabinet, please ensure that the cabinet is effectively grounded to ensure safety. Do not touch the electrical parts with your hands or a damp cloth when the power is on.
2. This product is a non-explosion-proof product, volatile, flammable and explosive, etc. Please do not put it in the box for heating to prevent explosion.
The heating source of the drying oven is located inside the box or in the air duct, and the heat source is very close to the processed material, and is interconnected with the inner bladder.

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