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Test methods for temperature values related to Electric heating drying oven(II)

The following specific instructions are given regarding the maximum working temperature, temperature indication error and stability test of the Electric heating drying oven.

The test methods according to the national standard GB/T30435-2013 published for electric (blast) drying ovens.

1. The maximum working temperature means that the maximum working temperature value is reached and can continue to be maintained for more than 30 minutes

2. Temperature indication error means that when the working temperature of the drying oven reaches the set temperature for 2 hours, the temperature of each test point is measured once every 1 minute in turn, 30 temperature values are measured at each point within 30 minutes, and the average value of all the test temperature values is calculated as its temperature average, and the difference between the temperature value displayed by the temperature controller and the temperature average is the temperature indication error.

3. Temperature stability refers to testing the temperature at the geometric centre of the working area when the working temperature of the oven reaches the set temperature for 2 hours, measuring once every 1 minute, measuring a total of 30 temperature values within 30 minutes, taking the average value as the average value of the starting temperature, then testing once every 4 hours, measuring a total of 6 times, recording 6 temperature values and calculating the average value within 5 minutes each time with equal intervals, then taking the average value of the 6 temperature values as the average value of the starting temperature. The maximum value of the difference between the average of the six temperatures and the average of the starting temperature is taken as the temperature stability.

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