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Applications and functional features of plant growth chambers

Plant growth chambers are widely used in the biopharmaceutical industry for plant research, commercial horticulture and plant-derived pharmaceuticals. Suitable for plant culture, seed germination, tissue culture, Arabidopsis thaliana, algae propagation and the cultivation of small insects and fruit flies, they are often purchased by biotechnology companies, government departments and university research institutes. The plant growth chamber produced by Kenton laboratory has the following functions and features.

1. With constant temperature and humidity and light settings, it can simulate the climate conditions of daytime cloudy days and dark nights and other daylight lighting, which provides the proper environmental factors for plant growth.

2. The temperature range, airflow, humidity control and light levels can be adjusted by the control system and can be programmed in sections to suit different needs and simulate different seasons. Ideal for 3-6 months of plant culture or longer run times. 

3. Fluorine-free R134 environmentally friendly refrigerant is used, making the system more energy efficient and effective for a healthier environment. Balanced cooling with small temperature fluctuation, with automatic defrost function, equipped with international famous brand compressor, with time delay protection function, smooth operation.

4. The inner liner is made of mirror stainless steel, and the shelf spacing and number of shelves are adjustable. The humidifying parts adopt built-in large-capacity intelligent humidifying system with automatic water replenishment tank, which is convenient to use.

5. The temperature control system adopts an upgraded LCD display and can be segmented to program an intelligent PID controller to keep the temperature and humidity accurate and constant, and has functions such as timing, over-temperature alarm and power failure recovery data.

6. The form of light direction of the inner liner can be selected as required: LRH-PG series is laminate light type, GZP and PQH series is two sides + door three sides light type. Another airflow can be controlled by the size of the airflow to avoid too much wind affecting the seedlings.

7. The lamps on both sides of the chamber are separated from the inner liner by sealed glass, so there is no need to interrupt the cultivation when replacing the lamps (GZP,PQH series only). Disassembled compressor condenser face cover, convenient for regular condenser cleaning.

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