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The difference between the horizontal and vertical use of the clean bench

The vertical type is used in laboratories, biopharmaceuticals and optoelectronic industries. Horizontal type is mostly used in electronics, instrumentation, histopathology industry. The vertical type is used for the production of lenses or chips. Some optical manufacturers use the vertical type for the production of lenses or chips.

Horizontal type is the wind from the back of the forward blowing, if the table surface to put microscopes and other small instruments with petri dishes culture or inoculation industry use the horizontal type, because if you use vertical then the airflow will be blocked by the instrument, the general test will use the horizontal type, but the use of horizontal type should pay attention to the impact on the flame of the alcohol lamp. Vertical air supply is slightly noisier than horizontal air supply with the fan at the rear because the fan is at the top. Therefore, horizontal and vertical types have their advantages and disadvantages and can be purchased according to your operational needs.

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