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Environmental requirements of the incubator

According to the national industry standard YY0027-90 for Precision LCD screen electric heating incubator the requirements for the environmental conditions for the use of the equipment are.

To meet the ambient temperature at 5-40°C, relative humidity not more than 90%, air pressure at 86-106kPa, no strong vibrations and corrosive gases around the equipment, the equipment should avoid direct sunlight or the influence of hot and cold sources.

When using the set temperature, it should be noted that the set value must be above the ambient temperature value +5°C, otherwise there is a risk that the temperature value to be set will not be reached. Because the Precision LCD screen electric heating incubator only heats up the temperature, it does not have a cooling function. For example, if the room temperature is 30°C, then the set temperature must be above 35°C. Many users in the use of this problem, the need to set 30 ℃, but how to turn on the temperature can not be lowered, is the reason.

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