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Does the Laminar Flow cabinet UV lamp synchronously open for ventilation?

Laminar flow Cabinet is an important equipment to create a local clean working environment by using advanced purification technology. Laminar flow Cabinet is widely used in electronics, precision machinery industry and agriculture, forestry and medical and health industry to control dust, bacteria and viruses.

When laminar flow cabinet is opened for UV sterilization, can the fluorescent lamp in the room be opened?

It should not be turned on, because light has a resurrection effect. If light is given in the process of ultraviolet sterilization, cells irradiated by ultraviolet light will be immediately exposed to visible light, and their survival rate will be greatly improved. But the photorepair process is slow, and since uv has killed most of the bacteria, a little bit of reactivation won't make much difference.
laminar flow cabinet

Does the Laminar Flow cabinet UV lamp synchronously open for ventilation?
If the uv lamp and ventilation synchronized open, although the fan is conducive to the removal of bacteria, but not conducive to the uv lamp produced by the ozone sterilization role. Therefore, the best way is to open the ultraviolet lamp sterilization, wait until the experiment 15 minutes to 20 minutes before the fan, so that the clean area to achieve clean, when the staff start to work must turn off the ULTRAVIOLET sterilization lamp, otherwise it will burn the staff's eyes and skin.

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