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The function and structural characteristics of humidity chamber?

The humidity chamber can provide a stable temperature and humidity environment and simulate various climatic conditions. It is especially suitable for sample stability testing, long-term experiments, shelf life testing and cultivation of plants, seeds and microorganisms. It is widely used in various laboratories.

Humidity chamber structure features:
1. Balanced refrigeration makes the temperature fluctuation small, and integrates automatic defrosting and multi-layer safety protection to meet the needs of long-term operation. It is equipped with internationally renowned brand compressors, with delay protection function and balanced operation.
2. Introduce the concept of green environmental protection and use fluorine-free R134 refrigerant to make the system more energy-saving, efficient, and make the environment healthier.
3. Reasonable air duct circulation system to ensure uniform temperature in the studio.
4. The inner tank is made of mirror stainless steel, the distance between the upper and lower shelves is adjustable, and the built-in socket is standard.
humidity chamber
5. The temperature control system adopts an upgraded liquid crystal display screen, programmable microcomputer intelligent PID control technology to keep the temperature and humidity accurate and constant, touch-type parameter setting buttons, and has timing and over-temperature alarm functions.
6. The humidification part adopts a built-in large-capacity intelligent humidification system with an automatic replenishment water tank, which is convenient to use.
7. The double door structure is adopted, and the outer door is a magnetic door seal structure.
8. The inner tank is equipped with a lighting device for easier observation. It is only equipped in the humidity chamber.
9. With the function of ultraviolet germicidal lamp, the working cavity can be aseptically cultivated, and it is only equipped in the mold incubator.

The humidity chamber meets the requirements of the National Pharmacopoeia and relevant standards such as Australian AS3100, US FDA, EN, ICH (cGMP/ICH/380/95/Q1A/ and Q1B), and can perform long-term acceleration experiments and forced degradation experiments.

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