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How to reduce the noise when the desktop humidity chamber is running?

When purchasing a humidity chamber, it is necessary to evaluate its stability and price, and also pay attention to the noise of the humidity chamber. This is also a problem that many users are more concerned about. It is also very painful for laboratory operators because the noise is too large.

The noise of the desktop humidity chamber is determined according to the test conditions and the internal dimensions of the test box. For example, the lower the test temperature and the larger the box, the noise will be larger than that of the standard machine. Minus minus 40~-70, box volume: 80~100 liters) The noise is about 60 decibels, which is acceptable to everyone, so what should I do if it exceeds this decibel?
humidity chamber
There are several ways to reduce noise:
1. The main reason for the noise of the desktop humidity chamber is the compressor and refrigeration system. Therefore, professional manufacturers will choose imported low-noise compressors for commercial materials.
3. In the production process, the compressor refrigeration system is equipped with a base shock absorption device and a lubrication system.
4. Choose imported compressors with low noise brands.
5. Add noise-absorbing cotton and honeycomb sound-proof cotton to the compressor, which can effectively reduce noise.
6. The inner edge of the refrigeration cabinet is equipped with honeycomb sound-absorbing sponge and sound-insulating rubber to ensure the maximum noise reduction.

The humidity chamber has the functions of controllable and constant temperature and humidity. The humidity chamber is widely used in scientific research institutions such as environmental protection, epidemic prevention, drug inspection, agriculture and livestock, and aquatic products.

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