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How does the humidity chamber measure humidity accurately?

Kenton Instrument specializes in the production of humidity chamber. The humidification system of its humidity chamber is an original humidification system design in the industry. It gets rid of the disadvantages of uneven and unstable humidification caused by the use of atomized humidifiers in the traditional design; automatic water supply and water replenishment design, automatic water level Control to ensure precise humidity addition and control; both the inner cavity and the water tank are made of SUS304 stainless steel to ensure the quality of atomization and the durability of the effect.

Why is the humidity chamber humidity measurement inaccurate? One of the reasons is inaccuracy with the standard source:
1. The temperature sensor in the box is damaged.
2. The measuring board is not working properly.
3. The sensor and the measuring board are not well connected.
humidity chamber
How to solve the high humidity display in the humidity chamber? The solution is as follows:
1. The wet ball gauze is contaminated or placed incorrectly.
2. The sample or heat load exceeds the rated range.
3. The refrigerant leaks in the refrigeration system. The pipeline is blocked or the solenoid valve does not work, check the refrigerator current.
4. Open the door frequently, the evaporator frost is too thick.
5. The humidity transmitter is broken.

How to solve the low humidity in humidity chamber? Kangheng tells you the solution:
1. The protection switch of the humidifier circuit wire is tripped or the AC contactor is damaged.
2. The solid state relay of the working circuit of the humidifier fails.
3. The water supply for humidification is insufficient or the solenoid valve of the humidification system is broken.

The humidity chamber simulates various climatic conditions and is suitable for sample stability testing, long-term experiments, shelf life testing and cultivation of plants, seeds and microorganisms.

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