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How does a CO2 incubator control humidity?

CO2 incubator is suitable for cell and tissue culture, microbial research, and is widely used in the integrated design of humidifiers such as germination, cultivation and seedling of plant seeds, feeding of insects and small animals, and performance testing of wood and building materials. Carbon dioxide concentration can be precisely controlled by infrared sensor, how to control humidity?

There are usually two ways to control the humidity inside the CO2 incubator. The CO2 incubator controller circuit consists of a temperature sensor, a voltage comparator and a control execution circuit. The first is to adopt passive humidity control method, that is, a 3L water tray is placed in the usual CO2 incubator, which contains 3L sterile (without live bacteria) pure water, and the temperature is 37 degrees. The water evaporates naturally, so that the humidity in the box reaches 95 %. The second is to use an active humidification system (steam generator, heating water pan, sprayer, etc.), which can control the humidity in the box. For example, during low-temperature cultivation, the low-temperature CO2 incubator needs an active humidification method. incubator
CO2 incubator

The CO2 incubator is preheated, atomized and humidified, and imported with temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration sensors. It cooperates with isolation and insulation technology to maintain constant temperature and humidity in the box, simulating the natural growth environment. Ultraviolet sterilization can prevent cross-infection during cultivation.

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