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How to place the product to be tested in the humidity chamber?

The humidity chamber can control constant temperature and humidity, and can simulate a variety of environmental conditions.

How to place the product to be tested in the humidity chamber test area is it correct? With what factors?
The humidity chamber has an air outlet and a return air outlet. First of all, the product to be tested should be placed in the middle of the box, and the upper air duct and the lower air return vent should not be covered. If the size, shape, weight and quantity of the objects to be tested are different, the distance of the rack can be adjusted.
humidity chamber
Strictly speaking according to the standard, the volume of the box should be greater than or equal to 3 times the volume of the product to be tested, but in order to save resources, it is generally recommended that the upper part of the inner cavity of the humidity chamber be 100MM and the lower part 100MM, and the left and right 5MM should not be placed in the product, and The products placed in the box should not be too dense.

When using the humidity chamber daily, it is necessary to check and maintain the water channels and water pipes in time. It is a device that is easy to block and leak. It is necessary to check whether there is water blockage. The water stored in the humidity chamber humidifier should be replaced every month to ensure that the water quality is clean and the water flow is smooth. . When the test product time is up, the product must be in a closed state when picking up and placing the product, and the staff must wear dry, anti-electric and moisture-proof gloves.

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