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How does the humidity chamber humidify?

KENTON Apparatus LTD specializes in the production of humidity chamber. Humidity chamber is suitable for sample stability test, long-term experiment, shelf life test and cultivation of plants, seeds and microorganisms; LED large screen displays working status monitoring at any time; adaptive control of constant temperature; imported The temperature sensor reduces the influence of temperature; the efficient isolation technology ensures the consistency of indoor and outdoor, high safety, EU CE safety certification.

The process of humidification in the humidity chamber is actually to increase the partial pressure of water vapor. The humidification method is to spray water on the wall of the test chamber, and control the water temperature to control the saturation pressure of the water surface. The water on the surface of the box wall forms a larger surface, on which water vapor pressure is added to the box by diffusion to increase the relative humidity in the box. This method appeared in the 1950s. The main control is the simple switching value adjustment of the mercury-electric contact type conductivity meter, and the control adaptability to the water temperature of the hot water tank with a large lag is poor, so the transition process of the control is long, and it cannot meet the requirements of the alternating humid heat on the humidification volume. There are many needs, and more importantly, when spraying the box wall, it is inevitable that water droplets will be poured on the test product to cause different degrees of pollution to the test product, and there are also certain requirements for the drainage in the box.
This method was quickly replaced by steam humidification and shallow water pan humidification, but this method still has some advantages. Although its control transition process is long, the humidity fluctuation is small after the system is stabilized, and it is more suitable for constant damp heat test. , In addition, the water vapor does not overheat during the humidification process and will not increase the extra heat in the system, and when the spray water temperature is controlled to be lower than the point temperature required by the test, the spray water has a dehumidification effect. There are many ways to express the humidity of the constant temperature and humidity chamber. As far as the humidity chamber equipment is concerned, the concept of relative humidity is usually used to describe the humidity. The definition of relative humidity refers to the ratio of the partial pressure of water vapor in the air to the saturated vapor pressure of water at this temperature. It is expressed as a percentage. From the properties of water vapor saturation pressure, it can be known that the saturation pressure of water vapor is only a function of temperature and has nothing to do with the air pressure where water vapor can be placed.

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