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What is the difference between humidity chamber and environmental chamber?

Humidity chamber is a kind of equipment used to test various materials, such as electronics, electrical appliances, communications, instruments, vehicles, plastic products, metal food, chemicals, building materials, medical, aerospace, etc. for heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance, and humidity resistance. . Environmental chamber is a kind of equipment for testing the reliability of high and low temperature and other performance indicators of industrial products under the condition of high and low temperature (cross) cyclic changes.

What is the difference between humidity chamber and environmental chamber?
1. From the name, you can know that the humidity chamber does both temperature and humidity, while the environmental chamber only does high temperature and low temperature, not humidity.
2. If high temperature, low temperature and humidity are to be cycled at the same time, it is a high and low temperature humid heat alternating box or a humidity chamber.
3. The general humidity chamber can do the "humidity and heat alternating test", but it depends on the conditions of the conversation test. If you want to buy equipment, you should inform the supplier of your requirements before you buy the equipment, so that the equipment can be Design and debug according to your requirements. According to different conditions, the price of the manufacturer is also different.

4. Judging from the humidity of the test, the humidity chamber generally refers to the temperature from 15 degrees to 84 degrees, and the humidity can be 20% to 98% RH. Of course, it can also be used for lower humidity according to requirements. We call it a low temperature and low humidity chamber.

Environmental chamber, the general temperature will be -20 degrees or lower, and humidity can be used, only limited to 15 degrees to 85 degrees, the humidity and heat alternating test is mainly in a certain period of time, the temperature remains unchanged and the humidity changes according to your settings The speed rate is tested, or vice versa, some tests require the temperature and humidity to change at the same time according to the set rate. Generally, the humidity chamber controls the humidity after the temperature is reached. Alternating means to control the temperature and humidity at the same time.

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