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How to quickly reach the room temperature in the high temperature drying oven?

High temperature drying oven refers to the drying oven with a temperature exceeding 300 degrees. If customers need to take out the materials after use, they can usually open the door when the internal temperature of the drying oven reaches normal temperature, such as when the temperature inside the oven is too high. , it is very easy to cause safety accidents.

How can the temperature inside the high temperature drying oven reach the room temperature quickly?
1. Add a refrigeration compressor to charge cold air into the high temperature box to achieve a rapid cooling process.

2. A nitrogen filling device is used to fill the interior of the box with nitrogen to achieve rapid cooling. Although both of these can achieve rapid cooling, the cost will also increase, especially for large instruments. Opportunities have higher requirements. Nitrogen is a paid gas. The more it is used, the higher the cost will be, which is not conducive to saving costs.
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The method of adjusting the temperature difference of high temperature drying oven:
1. There are high temperature thermometers installed in the upper, middle and lower positions of the high temperature drying oven. The installation positions are 200mm downward from the top plate, 200mm from the upper and lower center, and 200mm upward from the bottom plate. Such an installation position allows outside operators to accurately understand the temperature distribution inside the high-temperature drying oven.

2. When working, open the steam valve and start the fan to carry out the heating cycle. After about 30 minutes, observe from the instrument screen whether the temperature of the middle, upper and lower points is within the allowable range. If the temperature difference is large, the part with high temperature corresponds to The angle of the louver blades is correspondingly reduced, and on the contrary, the angle of the louver blades in the parts with low temperature is correspondingly increased, until the upper and lower temperature difference is adjusted within the allowable range.

3. The dehumidification mechanism set on the high temperature drying oven is used to remove the moisture volatilized from the mail materials in the box. The dehumidification time will be dehumidified after the temperature of the drying oven rises to the pre-set value. It should be noted that It is that the angle in the dehumidification valve cannot be opened too much. Generally, the amount of dehumidification should be carried out according to the moisture content of the material.

High temperature drying oven is very suitable for industrial and mining, scientific research, medical and health, industrial production and other fields.

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