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How to increase efficiency by wasting resources while drying oven is operating?

Industrial drying oven is also called industrial oven, drying oven is widely used in drying and heating devices in all walks of life; industrial drying oven can be divided into programmable oven, precision industrial drying oven, nitrogen industrial oven, vacuum oven, explosion-proof industrial drying oven according to performance , industrial furnace electric blast furnace, hot air circulation industrial furnace; drying oven can be divided into horizontal and vertical industrial drying oven according to shape, drying oven can be divided according to rated temperature, can be roughly divided into low temperature drying oven 100 ℃, generally used for electrical product aging, The drying speed of ordinary materials is slow, such as food raw materials, and plastic products, such as drying.

During the operation of the drying oven, there will be more or less waste of resources. In view of this situation, the drying oven needs to work hard during the use process to improve the efficiency. The following is the solution.

1. Improve the combustion of fuel:
As an energy source, fuel has great particularity. First, the total amount of resources is limited, and the total amount of fuel is limited and will be exhausted one day. Second, the use of fuel is irreversible, and the use of fuel is unidirectional and irreversible. Third, the use of energy is inefficient. Fuel is often lost in the process of use, and the degree of loss varies according to the way of use and the level of control. Fourth, the use of fuel will have a negative impact on the environment, and the use of fuel is often accompanied by the generation of waste, causing different degrees of pollution to the environment.
drying oven

When the fuel is burned in the industrial furnace, it is completed by the burner installed on the industrial furnace, so the performance of the burner is directly related to the fuel consumption of the industrial furnace. Therefore, the performance of the burner should be improved, because only by ensuring that the performance of the burner meets the heating capacity of the industrial furnace, so that it has a lower and stable excess air coefficient, can the fuel fully improve the combustion efficiency during the use process and make the combustion The device can adapt to the higher temperature combustion air.

2. Optimize the lining structure:
The lining of industrial drying oven can be divided into brick lining, sintering lining and fiber lining. At present, most of the heating furnaces in China are in the form of traditional inner fire bricks, and the heat dissipation and heat storage of the furnace lining can account for 30%-40% of the total energy consumption. The development trend of furnace building materials is high temperature, high strength and light weight. Reasonable selection of lining materials and optimization of the composite lining structure can achieve good results in reducing heat dissipation of the furnace body, reducing heat storage loss and achieving energy saving. First of all, the thermal conductivity of the fired lining is much smaller than that of the brick lining, and the furnace body has better air tightness, so it can prolong the service life and achieve the purpose of energy saving. In recent years, the variety and quality of castables have made great progress, which can meet the requirements of high temperature in the furnace and resistance to rapid cooling and rapid heating. The use of castable linings can save about 3% of energy compared to brick furnaces. Secondly, the internal fire fiber is an ultra-light internal fire material, and its basic properties are low in density and low in thermal conductivity. The construction of this material can save energy, save materials and improve the production capacity of the furnace. Using refractory fiber linings can save 7% of energy compared to brick furnaces. The development of refractory fiber products, refractory fibers can be used in high temperature of 1200 degrees, thus promoting the use of refractory fibers.

The construction method of refractory fiber can greatly affect its use effect and service life, and traditional anchoring methods often encounter various problems in use. The new construction method can send the high-pressure air of the fiber cotton out of the spray gun, and mix the binder with the fiber cotton. This method eliminates the seams of the furnace lining, greatly improves its energy saving effect, and can prolong the life of the furnace. The energy-saving effect of infrared energy-saving paint is very high. This paint can be used on various fuel furnaces with a furnace temperature of 1800 degrees. If it is sprayed on the surface of the furnace lining, a coating of 0.5 mm can be formed. The infrared radiation properties of the coating can be used. It has the good effect of increasing thermal efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

3. Improve the control level:
Methods to improve control level: First, control fuel combustion. The computer control of the industrial furnace is to achieve a reasonable ratio of furnace temperature, fuel supply, fuel and air volume. The core of controlling these quantities is to reasonably ratio the fuel. Control the ratio by measuring the oxygen content in the flue gas. Second, optimize the mathematical model. In order to control the temperature in the furnace, it is necessary to optimize the mathematical model reasonably. It is best to use the mathematical model to control the temperature in the furnace as a curve to improve the efficiency of fuel use in the furnace.

The drying oven is suitable for dehydration and drying of products in the electroplating industry, electronic electrician, oil droplets of alloy jewelry, food processing, plastic leather, hardware and other production industries; it is highly praised by batch users such as factories, workshops, and individual workshops.

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