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Safety rules to be aware of when using a drying oven

A drying oven is a device that uses steam, electricity, far-infrared, and electric steam to dry objects; it is suitable for baking, drying, heat treatment, etc., which are 5~300°C higher than room temperature, and some are 200°C higher. The sensitivity is usually is ±2°C. There are many models, but the basic structure is similar, generally composed of three parts: box body, electric heating system and automatic temperature control system.

Matters needing attention when using drying oven and industrial drying oven and safety regulations for use.
1. Place flammable and explosive items around the drying oven.

2. Pay attention to the safe use of electricity. The drying oven should be placed in a dry and dry place indoors to prevent vibration and corrosion. Select enough power wires and good grounding wires.

3. For drying ovens with electrical contact metal mercury thermometer type thermostat, the two wires of the electrical contact thermometer should be connected to the two terminals on the top of the box, and an ordinary metal mercury thermometer should be inserted into the exhaust valve. , the thermometer in the exhaust valve is used to calibrate the electric contact metal mercury thermometer and observe the actual temperature in the box. Open the hole of the exhaust valve to adjust the electric contact metal mercury thermometer to the required temperature and fasten the screws on the steel cap. In order to achieve the purpose of constant temperature, it is necessary to pay attention not to rotate the indicator iron outside the scale when adjusting.

4. When everything is ready, put the sample into the drying oven, and then turn on the power. The red indicator light will light up to indicate that the oven has been heated. When the temperature reaches the controlled temperature, the red light will go out and the green light will be on. Start the constant temperature in order to prevent temperature control. If it fails, it needs to be looked after.

5. When placing the test product, it should be noted that the arrangement should not be too dense, and the test product should not be placed on the heat dissipation plate to avoid affecting the upward flow of hot air. It is forbidden to bake flammable, explosive, volatile and corrosive items.
6. When you need to observe the samples in the office, you can open the outer box door and observe through the glass door, but it is advisable to open the box door as little as possible to avoid affecting the constant temperature, especially when working above 200°C, open the box door. The glass door may break due to sudden cooling.

7. For a drying oven with blast, the blower must be turned on during the heating process at a constant temperature, otherwise it will affect the uniformity of the office temperature and damage the heating element.

8. After the work is finished, the power should be turned off in real time to ensure safety.

9. The drying oven should be kept clean inside and out.

10. When using, the temperature should not exceed the maximum operating temperature of the drying oven.

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